Born in the spring of 1991. I studied Illustration and animation at academie Minerva in the Netherlands. I like to draw with pencils, paint or make collages.

Because I studied both fine arts and illustration/animation I have the feeling i'm more in between those two. In my graduation project I tried to put these together by focusing more on telling my own story and visualise it in a narrative and associative way.

Besides being an illustrator I always wanted to work for a newspaper. Being that at the worst printed newspaper the Volkssnakkel I reached one goal!

After my graduation, friends and me formed a zine/art collective called We Zine Wel. We have a daily blog with everyday a post about the day. We also publish zines together with various themes (so all our different styles have something in comparison)

Furthermore I focus on projects around mail, nature and making zines. The last years I specialized in various printing techniques such as silkscreen, lithography and Risography.


Academie Minerva, Communication; Illustration and animation, Groningen, 2011-2015
Academie Minerva, Fine art, Groningen, 2008-2010

Work Experience

Teacher courses drawing/painting/print, 't Clockhuys, Haren, September 2016 - Present
Poster crew de GYM, Groningen, August 2016 - Present
Organisation and founder Spread Zinefest, Groningen 2016
Volunteer @ RISO printer workshop @ GRID Graphic museum, May 2016 - Present
Graphic designer for FYI Minerva, Groningen, December 2015 - Present
Editorial staff/ illustrator Volkssnakkel, Groningen, September 2014-Present
Internship Bootsbau Gallery, Berlin, September 2014–December 2014
Internship Kerstin Rupp, illustrator, Leipzig, September 2014-December 2014
Decorator/artist at Club Paradigm, Groningen, 2012-June 2014


Noorderzon festival - Painting/mural,
supervised by Michel Velt and Tom Dijkstra, Groningen, August 2016

We Zine Wel // DAILY - Part of an art collective for making zines slash a
daily blog. November 2015 - Present

Noorderzon festival - decorated couch/seating,
supervised by Michel Velt and Tom Dijkstra, Groningen, August 2015

Sexpositie, exhibition and installations in former red light district, June 2015

Muurschildering Klup X, interactive project Volkssnakkel,
NDSM werf Amsterdam, Koningsdag 2015

Noorderzon festival - meetingpoint (illustration),
supervised by Michel Velt and Tom Dijkstra, Groningen,August 2014

Shop window, Folkingestraat project, Groningen, 2013,
with Fenna Kootstra

Animation installation Jonge Harten Festival, Groningen, 2009,
with Sjuuls Oonk en Sofia van Maanen


Painting Switch clubnight, Simplon, Groningen, Oktober 2016
Installation together with Laureen Langkamp, A Lion's Nest/ Alliance Nest, Groningen, June 2016
Spraakmakend Expo, het Concerthuis, Groningen, March 2016, Solo
Hyper, eindexpo Academie Minerva, Groningen, July 2015, Group exhibition
Sweet Suite, Lithography suite presentation, June 2015, Group exhibition
Sexpositie, exhibition/event, Groningen, June 2015, Group exhibition
East Side West Side, Galerie Pit, Groningen, April 2015, Group exhibition
De 9 jonge kunstenaars, Bart Art Box, Thesinge, April 2015, Group exhibition
East Side West side, Red Point Gallery, Sofia (Bulgaria), July 2014, Group exhibition
Illustration 57, Praediniussingel, Groningen, April 2014, Group exhibition
Illustration 57, Zernike complex, Groningen, April 2014, Group exhibition
Striptober, graphic novel exhibition, Groningen, October 2013, Group exhibition
Festival Terug Naar Het Begin, Appingedam, Mai 2013, Group exhibition
Collision, de Gym, Groningen, Mai 2013, Group exhibition
Stamps, Galerie Pit, June 2012, Group exhibition
20x20, de Stomerij, Groningen, Mai 2011, Group exhibition
Simplon Poppodium, Groningen, Februari 2011, Solo


Nomination Academie Minerva Prijs voor de vormgeving, 2015
Nomination Juryprijs Energize GasTerra Award, Buxus City,
together with Fenna Kootstra, 2013