After graduating, me and some friends started this small zine collective to make books. Besides we also created WE ZINE WEL DAILY in which each day one of us posts a drawing. Here you can see a selection of my submissions.
This is about drawing mess (it wasn't tidy at all but somehow it's difficult to draw messiness so it looks quite fine on the drawing).
Why do bike shops sell fireworks?
With the We Zine Wel crew we went to the Keith Haring exhibition in Rotterdam.
Ping ponging with refugees in Delfzijl being part of an project for Sign gallery in collaboration with the Volkssnakkel.
There used to be only purple, red and yellow carrots. They think the Dutch probably developed the orange color to honour the royal family, the house of Orange. Silly that nowadays purple ans yellow carrots are thought to be special!
Inspired by dollhouses from the seventies.
Every now and then I think about being vegetarian... I found some information about the amount of water it takes for one kilo of meat; 15415 litres!